About Us


In 2008 we invested in a spring that provided all natural alkaline water. However, after closely observing the market we concluded that it was saturated with too many water companies. Therefore, it would not be in our best interest to move forward as competitors of the water industry, although we remained vested in the spring.

Years later, our interest in the water industry was sparked once again after a conversation with a friend who was recovering from an illness. The friend advised about the importance of her new diet which included monitoring her water intake. The friend also shared in detail, highlighting video footage how most of the bottled waters currently in the water market were actually unhealthy. Not long after learning this information and conducting further research, a call was placed to our account executive of the spring invested in years prior, and eventually Teshuäter™ was born. A product offered would focus on complimenting a healthy way of drinking and living.

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Larry D. Leonard Jr.